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Huthmaker Violins

Huthmaker Violins started at a workbench in a laundry room in 1989. Buddy Huthmaker was the sole owner-employee-luthier.

One afternoon, after finding every inch of the living room filled with 'celli and basses for repairs, his wife insisted that a "real" shop be opened.

Repairs, instruments, bows, rentals, and accessories. It was the beginning of a new passion. Four Huthmakers work at Huthmaker Violins now. Father, mother, son, and favorite daughter, Anna. Their combined experience comes from 80-plus years of performing, 80-plus years of teaching, and thirty-plus years of luthier training. 

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The Beginning of a

New Passion

In 1994, Buddy & Dixie dragged Anna into their web. Promising only one year of her time, thirty years later she is now the "Bow Queen," low strings expert and manager, she became the final piece in the Huthmaker puzzle which fitted together perfectly. In the years that  followed, collectively they've studied instrument and bow restoration, traveled all over Europe, met and worked with gifted makers, admired countless instruments and bows, held international exhibits, and engaged with thousands of wonderful customers.


of music

Anna emerged from the womb demanding to play the cello. She holds performance degrees in cello and string bass. When her parents lured her into managing the violin shop, she became the low strings specialist and resident "Bow Queen." She's studied bow restoration and making with Lynn Hannings, George Rubino, Robert Ray and William Salcow. Anna also performs as a freelance musician. 


The Huthmaker

Theyve grown from 600 square feet to 4800 with Anna becoming the new owner in 2019.They  now reside in the historic 1880 Rhodes Hotel with eight fireplaces, seven bedrooms, three parlors, wrap around porches, a carriage house and the largest magnolia tree in Georgia. Once upon a time, Margaret Mitchell loved to spend weekends here.


the Rhodes Hotel

Henry Rhodes, head of the Suwanee school board and the railroad depot agent, built the hotel in 1880 it served as a weekend retreat for wealthy Atlantans arriving for a holiday in the country, complete with Mrs. Lillie Rhodes’ famous dinners and a carriage ride on Sunday afternoons.Author of Gone With The Wind Margaret

Mitchell was a frequent guest at the Rhodes Hotel

escaping the society gossip of Atlanta, she claimed

it was one of the only places where she could "drink

whiskey, and shoot guns and her rich Atlanta friends

wouldn't know about it".The Huthmakers are honored

and proud to be part of the rich history of the Rhodes

Hotel with its eight fireplaces,seven bedrooms,

three parlors, wrap-around porches, a carriage

house, and the largest magnolia tree in Georgia.

The elegant 1880 Rhodes Hotel was the perfect

home for vintage string instruments.

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