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Randy King of King Electric Guitars started his passion for music at an early age, by 16 he was playing the drums and guitar inspired by eighties rock bands like Van Halen and Les Paul, he has played in numerous bands and is now the lead guitarist and singer for Georgia rock band Red Rocket Deluxe. Little did he know that those early years would fuel a passion not only for making music but also for the instruments that create it, and in his case that instrument was the electric guitar.

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Some say the early seventies and eighties were the golden age of automotive designs and Randy may agree. His guitar designs are heavily influenced by the aesthetic choices of car designers from the era from which he came. At the age of ten, he purchased what he described as a "Rustbucket" and "basketcase at best" a nineteen-fifty-five Oldsmobile which he worked on endlessly. His father another immense influence in his life and music owned a nineteen sixty-three Ford Falcon Futura, in which he and Randy made many memories in through their drives in southern Georgia. 



Still fascinated by the shapes and lines of cars today some of his most recent guitars have brought back some of the old classics but in musical form. His "Futura" guitar is not only inspired by the car in name but also in shape. Randy took design cues from the rear tail lights of the Futura to incorporate into the body of his guitar following the curves and bends of the classic car, which was made as a touching homage to his father who recently passed. He currently specializes in T and LP solid body electric style guitars.


"Guitar Shape

Becoming a guitar maker or "not quite a luthier" in his words, was not as straightforward as one would hope, sharing a love for music and woodworking with his father, he always hoped to build a guitar with him after being awed by Steve Vais flame guitar on the cover of Guitar Player magazine. When the opportunity came twenty years ago he was dissuaded, until a life event urged him to have another go at it. After years of making "guitar shape objects," while apprenticing at a local guitar shop called Browns Guitar Mill. He worked diligently for five years and became proficient enough to start his own line of guitars now called Kings Electric Guitars.


Whats next ?

He now runs a small shop out of Griffin Georgia taking custom guitar orders and building anything a potential musician can think up. He currently has two models in production the TAURUS and

FUTURA.He feels he doesn't deserve the

title of luthier but he is surely on his way to

earning he says: "I'm a guitar builder.

Building custom guitars to my

customers' particular needs and

specifications", he builds guitars

from scratch and also enjoys the

relationships that are also built.

There's always some new idea brewing.

And I'm happy to make your ideas

come to life.

- Randy King

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